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Pulse Soccer

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A Pulse Soccer Centre is a superb facility that serves the needs of the wider community, offering free use to key groups and local schools, creating employment opportunities for local people whilst also generating a financial return for the host public sector partner.

A Pulse Soccer Centre is a secure, completely self-contained facility that can turn an existing loss-making operation into a valuable source of income. You simply provide the site and Pulse Select will design, build, finance and operate this new and exciting state-of-the-art resource.

Pulse Select will meet all development and operational costs and will maintain the facility to a high standard, upgrading existing facilities where necessary to create a flagship development in a wide range of locations, including areas suffering from economic, health and sporting deprivation.

A typical Pulse Soccer Centre would have between 8 and 10 five-a-side floodlit football pitches, each of which is made from Premier League standard, third generation synthetic surfaces, along with its own car parking, clubhouse pavilion and changing rooms.

No capital investment or up-front capital is required from the partner as each Pulse Soccer Centre is an extension to the Pulse Partnership Programme, which offers self-financing investment in public sector owned facilities whilst providing sustainable income growth.

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"Football centres generate income in the evening and can be made freely available to key groups and local schools during the daytime."

Dave Pugh, Leisure Investment Manager, St Helens Council